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Introduction Thing.

I found this community doing a random journal search and had basically read it all over and made me feel quilty.
So Im weighing near 170lbs now and Im about to break down. I used to weight 130 to 145lb I used to hop back and forth between the two and I wish I was back at that weight. I just suddenly out of nowhere gained all this extra weight. Well Ive been trying my best to diet, which is hard for me. Im one of those "I perfer to stay at home" types of people and when I do that I get too comfortable and think I need to keep eating. Ive been trying to be somewhat more active, I tried doing excersise and just keep falling off from that train. Ive been doing my best to eat better and not eat late at night like I usually do. I figuired this community would be the best to join to check up and maybe get inspired to keep on pushing myself.
Just wanted to say my hello before posting more.
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